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Movie “Sludgy place” starts with a diving into a little forest’s swamp. Even in places like these the life is going, there are lots of organisms, whose mysterious and invisible life is tried to be shown in the movie. Big part is dedicated to sludge's. These organisms can be unicellular, multicellular and most importantly they provide our world with oxygen. Colonial sludges have their own lifestyle. It’s hard to believe, but these little ones make big part of oxygen in our world.

In the movie a life of protozoa is also shown. It is interesting, that some microorganisms have grown protective armor. But why these peaceful creatures need to save themselves? Well, they need to protect themselves from nearest neighbors, who could easily eat them! Even between smallest organisms real fights are going for surviving and in the movie we can see, what unusual skills and mechanisms they developed to eliminate their hunger. The mysterious life of water insects and fishes is going and it maintains a fragile functioning of ecosystem.

In the movie “Sludgy place” it is tried to show how all that underwater chaos is vital important to us all.

Authors: Vytas Vitkauskas, Vitalij Gulbickij


...nature’s phenomena and panorama
enchants with its greatness
and the nature’s miracles near us
are left unseen...

With these words the movie “Summer day’s contrasts” starts, in which one summer day adventure in the nature is showed. Actually, often we don’t even mind the birds living and singing nearby, and what about scared residents of forest or microscopic creatures, which you can’t see without microscope. Action is happening on the ground, in the water and air and the “actors” (animals) are from microscopic to birds. The important accent of film is that only musical background accompanies the view. We declined speaker so that everyone could interpret this summer day story on his own and understand that we fail to see so much due to our everyday rush.

Author: Vytas Vitkauskas; montage: Vitalij Gulbickij


In the movie “Nature’s dance” the story of processes happening in the nature over the years is told. It was tried to show essential events from animals and plants world, how are they adapted to survive different seasons. The important movie's accent is gradual seasons change by filming in the same places, but at the different seasons.

The first shots of the movie were made in 2005 early spring, while the last ones were made in 2008 summer. Due to warm winters we needed to wait for the right “winter” shots for quite a time. The main action of the film is going in the Pavilniai regional park, Baravykine landscape, Taurija ornithological reserve and Naujakiemis village neighborhood (Vilnius region). The filming also included seaside - Vente horn. Few shots were made through my window.

One of the main goals is to show “ideal” season, in which all of the seasons are well presented. However, due to global climate warming this nature’s dance” can be seen less often...

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